Silvercraft does not have a standard pool size but most of the swimming pools are produced on the client’s design and dimensions.

Three types of systems are usually offered:

  1. Panel tank type, where the pool is constructed from different fiberglass panels worked into each other.
  2. Tank type, usually round or oval where the pool is made of one solid tank which needs a concrete support all around.
  3. And Covering on Site type where the pool is constructed out of concrete and then covered in fiberglass to prevent leakages.

All three systems can be used for overflow pools or the skimmer type.

Get your pool's plan, send it to us, and we'll quote you our best prices.



Swimming Pool Coping in Solid Cast.

Comes in standard colours Charcoal Grey, White and Stone Colour, but as always it can be customised to the client's liking.  As for size, the width varies from 20cm to 28cm with a length of 60cm. It's durable and resistant to the sun.  Recently we created tailor made pool coping to cater almost all pools such as round and kidney shaped.  We also produce cornered coping to compliment the client's requirement.

For non standard pools we have technical personnel to visit site before quoting.