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The TPRO range of GRP Cartridge Filter Vessels has been designed specifically to be utilised in the sea water reverse osmosis desalination industry. The vessels are constructed from glass reinforced polyester (GRP) and incorporate an integral resin rich liner. All wetted components are non-metallic or 6% Mo Stainless steel such as SMO 254 (UNS S31254). In addition, all sealing hardware is manufactured out of stainless steel. These filters are also compatible with the chemicals normally utilized in the cleaning of reverse osmosis. These vessels are built to accommodate up to 141 X 50” elements.

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Bio3T-SCS is a leader in its category with features that are unmatched on the market. The heart of the unit is its SepticAI software control which is continually upgraded and improved to give our system the leading edge.



Self contained chemical bunded tank.
Suitable for new and existing installations
SepticAI software controls ensure optimal chemical dosing at the most effective and efficient rates
On-Site access controls via 10.1"tough screen panel
Remote access control from the main centre
Historical data logging 
GRP manufactured product for low maintenance and longevity in harsh environments.



SepticAI software was specifically designed to ensure that maximum efficiency is achieved.
The system uses a series of parameters and telemetry functions to predict the amount of dosing required ensuring that the use of dosing chemical is kept to the most efficient levels, reducing excessive dosing whilst suppressing the formation of H2S.
Historical logging is also factored in to enhance the dosing predictions. 
controls of the system can be done either on-site or remotely making monitoring of system easier and effective.

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Ireland Project in collaboration with FM Ireland

The first systems were build and introduced to the market by FM environmental Ireland. the concept of these first system remains the same with a change in design that fives the Bio3T-SCS more flexibility and ability to adapt to greater dosing demands and a brand new software and telemetry logging systems to enhance the efficiency of the system with our proprietary SepticAI software.

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Water Services Corporation Malta

After the production of the first 3 systems in collaboration with FM environmental and the positive feedback we have obtianed, it was time to implement a completely new system which is production/export optimized for the local market. Silvercraft has been entrusted a very ambitious project to solve a current H2S issue in Malta which will serve as a base for the new Bio3T SCS, thanks to this collaboration with the national water services we will be able to enhance our SepticAI controls and telemetry. H2S formation is a common problem in any sewer system and currently, we have embarked on a pilot project with the national water services to install the first system in Malta. this will be a pilot project to prove the concept to our own client and lead the way to tackle the Issue on a national scale.

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