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Supporting innovation and pushing the boundaries of fiberglass manufacturing since 1974.

Silvercraft Products Ltd is a composite manufacturing company which specializes in custom contract manufacturing. The company`s key clients are professionals in architecture, design and engineering.

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Design | Architecture | Engineering

Established in 1974, Silvercraft Products Ltd was the first fiberglass manufacturing company in Malta. The key to our success is our ability to adapt and shift our product portfolio based on the market's needs and demands.

For the past 40yrs, Silvercraft Products Ltd has invested in diversification of products for both domestic and commercial use. Moving away from the boat building sector, the business ventured onto domestic products such as garden and decorative indoor furniture. More recently, the focus has been on custom-made tanks, pipelines, desalination systems, sewage treatment plants, and other custom-designed fiberglass feature products.

Such constant revamping, coupled with our now extensive experience, makes us highly adaptable to emerging sectors and technologies.


Silvercraft Products Ltd takes pride in giving clients a blank slate to turn their own concept ideas into reality.

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Swimming pools

Over the years Silvercraft Products Ltd. has optimized its pool manufacturing production to make sure to service the need of any projects. 

We implement the knowhow we gathered over the years to ensure we provide a dependable pool that last years with minimal need of maintenance. 


Oil interceptors

Oil interceptors have become an integral item in commercial buildings. Silvercraft is the ideal solution provider in this sector as it has partnered with an international company Sint Dizier Environmental to provide the best possible solutions to our clients.  Whether it's a small system for a commercial building or a large custom designed system for infrastructure projects Sivlercraft has the best solution in the best cost-effective way .  



As part of our commitment to adapt to current markets needs, the company is relentlessly investing in machinery and expertise to facilitate the creation of custom design masterpieces and Prototyping facilities.

Our new R&D division is the perfect niche for conceptual designers, architects and engineers alike, facilitating the evolution of concepts into products.



Thanks to the technological advances of our core material and its inherent properties, the possible applications of fiberglass products has now increased, with fiberglass becoming a material of choice within various architectural aspects of a building.



Water tanks, pipelines and street poles are typically-used fiberglass products in the Civil Engineering sector. However, our vast array of products and services to compliment this sector include: 
Waste-water treatment systems,
Reverse Osmosis cartridge filters,
Oil interceptors,
GRP protrusions forming an integral part of a building,
Concrete rebars, and any other custom-built products catering for the project at hand.

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Since the very beginning, Silvercraft has been keen to invest in the Water sector. This was a natural path to take considering the core material’s light weight and corrosion-resistance.  The company capitalised on State investment in desalination plants during the 1980s. It was an opportunity to invest in new machinery and R&D to build proprietary products. Such move proved to be very successful and allowed us to be exposed to the Waste Water Treatment sector, thus enhancing our exportable products portfolio.

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Silvercraft Products Ltd.

MRA 018A, Marsa Industrial Estate, Marsa MRS 3000, Malta

2189 8046

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 7am to 3.45pm (CET)

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