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The secret of being sustainable is the ability to adapt to the market needs. The family has been in the fiberglass business for over 60 years and this was mainly thanks to its versatility in adapting to new emerging markets and investments in new technologies. Our various products for export through the years prove this.

Our desire now is to consolidate our success and expertise on exportable products. We understand the need to venture into products that offer very high and specific standards and productivity. We have already identified key product and market sectors which we are confident we can penetrate thanks to our technical know-how and expertise.

Exportable Products: Products

Standard shipping optimised products

Being based on an island, we understand the importance of optimising products to facilitate their shipping, thus increasing the profitability of shipping costs. This is a key factor enhancing the international attractiveness of our services. Thanks to our manufacturing flexibility and prototyping, we are capable of creating products that fit in any standard shipping container. A case in point is our proprietary squarish cylinder, able to retain the advantages of the filament winding process whilst reducing the deadspace in a shipping container.

Below are some of the products that were specifically optimised for commercial high-production export.

Exportable Products: Photo Gallery
Exportable Products: Photo Gallery

Oversized exportable products

Another key aspect demonstrating our capacity for export is our ability to adapt and satisfy clients’ needs even on large projects overseas. Some of our products in the Water and Waste Water sectors have been installed in various parts of the world, including Belgium, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Libya, Republic of Ireland, and the United States of America.

Our capacity and competitive edge allow us to be a success story in terms of export, especially considering that we are based on a tiny island in the centre of the Mediterranean.

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