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Oil Separators & Interceptors

A common feature in any industrial or commercial build.


In line with our company ethos, Silvercraft Products Ltd. has partnered with the French Specialist, Saint-Dizier Environnement to ensure that our clients get the best possible solutions when it comes to oil separator units and other water treatment systems.


Thanks to this collaboration we are able to be very competitive in this market and more importantly ensure that our projects are effective and satisfy the highest standard norms.

It’s not only about the flow rate.

Location, pollutants range, and engineering design will make all the difference between a standard off the shelf system and an appropriate functional system.


We Provide Efficient & Cost-Effective solutions

One of the challenges this partnership was able to eliminate, expensive shipping costs for large systems. Thanks to this partnership Silvercraft Prod. Ltd has the capacity to build these systems at our local factory.


This new collaboration will ensure the best competitive price for products that can comply with EN858/1-2 and all CE certifications. 

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