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The Bio3tT-STP is a modular wastewater treatment system that can be sized according to the project needs. It is a multi-stage biological purification process to treat the wastewater to effluent standards suitable for discharge back to the environment or for reuse as second class water.

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The design of our Bio3T-STP is based on the concept of flexibility and fast demanding markets. Conventional STP systems are single package systems which include the primary section, the biological section, and the final settlement. in the Case of the Bio3T-STP these sections have been designed separately and in a plug and play configuration. This concept ensures that an STP is always readily available no matter what the scale of the project.

The heart of the process is a submerged, fixed film plastic media that promotes biomass growth. This is achieved by injecting oxygen in the water through a set of special HDPE membrane diffusers located at the base of the second stage tanks. The fine bubble aeration is carefully controlled, providing optimum oxygen transfer rates and scouring to slough off excess biomass while keeping the thickness of the fixed biological film at optimum levels. The final settlement tanks are designed to provide maximum settlement of any suspended solids prior to discharge, with a small sludge return pump returning flow back to the biological tanks and the primary settlement tanks .

Export Optimized

Optimizing the products for export is one of the company’s priorities. The Bio3t STP range is built around our proprietary designed on our Quad-casing™ filament wound bodies to ensure the best manufacturing performance and at the same time maximizing the space available in standard shipping containers.  This means also that the Bio3t-STP range had larger volume tanks thus reducing the footprint of the systems.


Typical Clients

End users – in this case we send the systems fully equipped for plug and play installation.


Reseller Plug &Play – The Bio3t range gives resellers a very good position on the market.  Being a modular system means that the production and shipping lead-times are eliminated. Our resellers tend to stock the modules on their site and when a new project arise it’s just a matter of supplying a format of installation to the end client and specific to the project. Giving a valuable added advantage over competing systems.


Resellers 1st fix supply - For market convenience sometimes our partners decide to purchase the main parts from us and they continue assembly within their own premises, sometimes this route is preferred as they would have their own systems already established.   

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Modular and scalable to the project requirements.
Plug & Play installation and commissioning concept.
All key parts that are subjected to the natural elements are manufactured from GRP.
Export optimized.
Easy maintenance of the HDPE membrane Diffusers
Bio3tTM require no sludge level control, providing easy operation and a more stable process

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Bio3t-STP is a modular design. 3 tanks infinite setup to cater for all project sizes.

Primary - Biological - Final Settlement

Key advantages

  • Stock items of the 3 types of tanks will give more flexibility to our agents, thus servicing end-user in shorter timeframes. 

  • Plug and play format resulting in easy installation on site.

  • Deigned for export thus transportation with conventional vehicles is possible.

  • The biological tank is designed for easy maintenance of diffusers without the need to disassemble the whole system. 


Our key market so far is based in Ireland and thanks to our key collaborators FM Environmental Ireland.

Location: Golden Ridge Housing Development, Rush, Co. Dublin 1500PE STP

Application: Staged parallel system for new housing development, this way the STP was commissioned according to the demand of the project.


  • Pumping station

  • Four independent parallel streams each treating 375PE

  • Concrete primary tanks, 24ea ST2 (media) and 8ea ST3 (hopper tanks) tanks

  • Flow measurement

Effluent ​Production: 300m3/day (peak flow of 37.5m3/h = 3DWF)

Effluent Quality: BOD < 20mg/l. SS<30mg/l, discharged  into local sewer mains

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Our key market so far is based in Ireland and thanks to our key collaborators FM Environmental Ireland.

Location: Bawn Housing Estate, Co. Monaghan 50PE STP

Application: Small housing development


  • MT1, MT2 and MT3 GRP tank

  • MTUFC tertiary filtration tank

  • Chemical dosing for P removal

Effluent ​Production: 10m3/day (peak flow of 2.5m3/h = 6DWF)

Effluent Quality: BOD < 10mg/l. SS < 10mg/l, Total-P < 2mg/l, discharge into river

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Our key market so far is based in Ireland and thanks to our key collaborators FM Environmental Ireland.

Location: Borris in Ossory village, Co. Laois 1,000PE STP

Application: Housing development (staged) for commision in parallel wiht use and staged maintenence


  • Pumping station

  • Four independent parallel streams each treating 250PE

  • Concrete primary tanks, 12ea ST2 (media) , 4ea ST3 (hopper tanks) tanks, 4ea STUF (tertiary filtration) tanks

  • Flow measurement

Effluent ​Production: 200m3/day (peak flow of 25m3/h = 3.4DWF)

Effluent Quality: BOD < 10mg/l. SS < 10mg/l, Amm-N < 5mg/l, discharge into river

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