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Gorgeous fluid surf-scapes that you could just dive into!


Here's our brilliant Making Waves kit containing absolutely everything you need to create your own mesmerising ocean-inspired resin art.


Your tutor for this kit is the fun beach-loving renowned ocean-scape resin artist Christine Richards. Christine loves sharing her love of the ocean and coastline and capturing the depth and detail of the sea using the fluid medium of resin.


To make things both fun and easy for you, Christine takes you through the whole process from start to finish in a full-length video tutorial and accompanying booklet exclusively available with the Making Waves kit.


More information about this product visit our supplier website: Glass Cast


As well as Christine's brilliant tutorial, the kit also includes resin, pigments, shells, sand, art boards and much more… we’ve thought of everything so that you only have to bring your creativity!


With this kit you will be able to create two gorgeous beach-inspired pieces which can be either a dreamy oceanscape or fun mixed-media beach scene.


This kit could be the perfect introduction to your next hobby or make an original gift for anyone creative in your life who loves art and the coast.


Kit Contents

  • Exclusive access to full length video tutorial by Christine
  • Printed 24-page booklet
  • 500g GlassCast 3 epoxy resin
  • 3 Culr epoxy pigments
  • 1 Shimr metallic epoxy pigment
  • 2 ready to use birch-ply art boards
  • Sand and shell selection
  • Nitrile gloves, resin tape, mixing pots and sticks


How difficult is it?

Making gorgeous work really is super-easy thanks to the simple-to-follow booklet and tutorial that will help make you look like a professional!


Creating your own resin beach scene using this kit is a great way to start a brand new hobby or simply to make a one-off piece of art to hang at home as a reminder of that special beach holiday.


This easy-to-use resin is really easily pigmented and is ready to be enhanced with your choice of sand and shells included in the kit. The birch-ply boards are prepped ready to use and give great results for beginners and more experienced resin users alike.

To create the rich colours of the sea for your beautiful oceanscape and beach scene, you can mix gorgeous marine colours, add stunning shimmering effects and use the sand and shells to add fun elements to the resin.


The pigments included in the kit can be used to add tints of colour or stronger tones and can also be mixed together to make additional colours and hues.

With two projects covered in the tutorial and more inspiration in the book and on the GlassCast gallery - the possibilities really are endless.


What else will I need?

In addition to the kit contents, you may wish to have the following items to hand:

  • Eye protection
  • Protective apron or old clothing and a protective mat or cover for your work surface
  • Digital scales and a timer
  • A hairdryer
  • A cover to place over the project while it cures
  • Optionally – Your own beach treasures like shells, driftwood and sea glass
  • Painters pyramids or something to elevate your board
  • Paper towels or a cloth and acetone (nail polish remover)
  • An internet connected phone, tablet, computer or smart TV to play the tutorial


What next?

When you've enjoyed and explored this Clearly Creative Kit, why not try one of our other fun project kits and learn from another one of our favourite artists! If you love statement jewellery, you'll love our Jewellery Starter Kit with maker and designer Paige Alexander.

Christine Richards


To see Christine's incredible ocean resin artwork be sure to check out her website and follow her on Instagram for lots more inspiration.

Making Waves Clearly Creative Kit

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