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Universal Pigment for Translucent Tint and Solid Opaque Colour


CULR™ pigments can be used both to create subtle, see-through, translucent colour tints and also for strong, vibrant, solid colours, simply by varying the amount of pigment added to your resin

These universal epoxy pigments can be used to tint resin river tables and clear castings or add strong, vibrant, opaque colour to resin for projects including resin flow art, counter-tops, decorative flooring, wood inlays, castings and more.

A translucent colour tint can be achieved by adding just a drop or two into your resin mix. For solid colours, simply add more pigment until the desired opacity is achieved. See the table below for a guide to pigment levels for different colours.


Super Concentrated


CULR pigments are one of the most concentrated resin pigments you can buy and the advanced liquid formula ensures that these intense pigments disperse in seconds.

For solid colours, up to 5kg (5 litres) of epoxy resin can be coloured using a single 20ml bottle of CULR pigment.

For a translucent colour tint, much less pigment is required. A single 20ml bottle is enough to produce a see-through colour tint in more than 50kgs of resin!

The exact amount of pigment needed varies from colour to colour and intensity required. This Fuchsia Pink pigment but will typically use between 0.1% (for a translucent appearance) and 1% (for a solid, opaque colour).


Blend to Create any Colour

CULR pigments are designed to be blended with each other to create almost infinite colour and shade possibilities.

For resin artists creating flow art -type pieces or makers wishing to create realistic multi-tone marble / stone coat effects, CULR pigments have been developed to work together as a complete colour system, allowing almost any colour to be created simply by blending any of the colours whilst adding drops of white or black can adjust the saturation and brightness to create infinite possibilities.

Blending Fuchsia Pink pigment with varying amounts of Super White pigment can create precise shades of pink from off-white - to baby pink - to vivid 'hot' pink, as shown in the Fuchsia Pink Tone Chart image on this listing.


How to Use

CULR™ pigments are super-easy to use; just drip the desired amount of any colour into either mixed resin and hardener or into just the resin side only (if you want to pigment the resin in advance of using it).

Depending on the strength of the colour required you'll typically need between 0.1% and 1% of pigment. The tables below provide an easy reference as to how much pigment to add or simply keep adding drops until you get the desired colour strength. Remember that CULR pigments are super-concentrated and so you only need a tiny amount to achieve stunning, vivid colours.


Fuchsia Pink Pigment Ratio Guide


Amount of resin50g100g1kg5kg32kg
Translucent tint< 1 drop1 drop6 drops30 drops10g
Solid opaque colour17 drops34 drops10g50g320g



CULR pigments are designed specifically for use with clear epoxy resins. They have been thoroughly tested with the GlassCast range of casting and coating resins but should also work with most other clear epoxy systems, although we always recommend conducting a test first.


CULR pigments are not suitable for use with alternative resin types such as polyurethane.

Polished Copper CULR Epoxy Pigment 20ml

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