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Create simply beautiful resin flower castings!


Our Resin Flowers kit contains all the materials you will need to create your own stunning resin and flower castings - you supply the flowers!


The kit is accompanied by a brilliant video tutorial which takes you through the process step-by-step and shares lots of handy hints and tips. 


For more information check out our suppliers page. Glass Cast


The kit also includes enough resin to cast up to two paperweights, a silicone cube mould and the special CrystalDry Flower Drying Silica Crystals and much more… we’ve thought of everything so that you only have to bring the flowers and your creativity!


With this kit you will be able to create up to two stunning resin flower cubes using your choice of flowers.


This kit could be the perfect introduction to your next hobby or make an original gift for anyone creative in your life who loves art and loves flowers.


Resin Quantities

IMPORTANT NOTE: the amount of resin you will need for each casting will depend upon the size and type of flowers you are casting. The roses used in the tutorial video were densly formed with many layers of tightly packed petals meaning that they displace more resin and you will use less.


For smaller flower heads or flowers with fewer and more spaced out petals you will require more resin as the space taken up by the flower will be much less. If you need a hand working out the quantity of resin you will need for your casting you can contact our friendly team for more information.


Kit Contents

  • 500g GlassCast 50 epoxy casting resin
  • Silicone cube mould 65mm
  • CrystalDry flower drying silica crystals
  • Abrasive paper mini kit and polishing compound
  • Nitrile gloves, mixing pots and sticks


How difficult is it?

Making stunning floral castings really is super-easy thanks to the simple-to-use kit and the tutorial and free downloadable eBook will help make you look like a professional!


Drying your own flowers and preserving them in resin is a fantastic way to preserve special flowers, many makers are creating pieces that encapsulate wedding bouquets, memorial flowers or simply drying your favourite bloom or preserving flowers from your own garden.

This easy-to-use GlassCast 50 resin is a two-part epoxy specially designed for bubble-free, deep section castings and can be poured to a depth of 25-50mm into a silicone mould and layered to anchor the flowers and give the impression they are suspended in mid air, it gives great results for beginners and more experienced resin users alike.


With enough resin in the kit to produce up to two castings and the flower drying silica crystals and mould able to be used over and over - the possibilities really are endless.


What else will I need?

In addition to the kit contents, you may wish to have the following items to hand:

  • Eye protection
  • Protective apron or old clothing and a protective mat or cover for your work surface
  • Digital scales and a timer
  • An airtight container
  • A cover to place over the project while it cures
  • Some scissors and tape
  • Your chosen flowers


What next?

When you've enjoyed and explored this Clearly Creative Kit, why not try one of our other fun project kits and learn more! If you love flowers, you'll love our Funky Flower Table Kit! or if you would prefer to use dried, pressed flowers we have some great value packs available!

Resin Flowers Clearly Creative Kit

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